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Faces of the Shadows - Life on the Street

The book Faces of the Shadows is intended as a bridge between two worlds. It is designed to reach out to those who have a curiosity about how a person comes to this stark situation in their life. When those of us who are blessed with material comforts resist making assumptions and have compassion for the circumstances, predilections, and personal histories that put these individuals on the streets, it’s progress in breaking down us- versus- them thinking.

It is my hope that these pictures and stories will inspire some readers to overcome their fears and say hello. We are all part of the same human family.

Images by Faye Chapman

"I was at Venice Beach with my family taking photos on a Sunday afternoon. I was focused on some vendors with colorful clothing when a woman walked into my viewfinder. I snapped the picture and just kept looking at her. She had a look on her face that she wasn’t quite sure where she was. Her body language was so drawn in, it was as if she didn’t want anyone to see her.

I put my camera down and just stared at her, her clothes were dirty, her hair was in dreadlocks, her face was so weathered. I wondered: did she have parents, was she a sister, did she not have anyone to love her and help her?

From that day on, I knew that somehow, I had to make a difference. I had to know the people that most people choose not to see the faces of the shadows. "

Words by Suzanne Dunn

"Writing this book is part of a personal journey. Part of this journey includes correcting the patterns of a lifetime created. I am changing the behaviors that threaten to emotionally cripple my children. I am close to finding the little girl inside who wanted to be president - the little girl that wanted to save the world.

Every one of the men and women interviewd in this book has a story that deserves telling. "