This Book is an Illustrated Journey Into Life on the Street

"This is a very moving book. It sheds light on people most of us choose not to look at--the homeless who live in the shadow of society. Some of the photographs are shot with perfect clarity, and some of them are soft focus, almost as if to mimic the way the subjects see the world" Carolyn Bent

About the Images

The camera was focused on some colorful street vendors when a woman appeared in the viewfinder. The photographer snapped the picture but could not look away. The expression on the woman's face said she wasn’t quite sure where she was. Her body language was so drawn in, it was as if she didn’t want anyone to see her.

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About the Words

Every one of the homeless men and women interviewd in this book has a story that deserves telling.  With this book we hope to bring the stories out of the shadows and reveal their humanness of these men and women!

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About the Homeless

A study of 50 cities concluded that in every city, the official estimated number of homeless greatly exceeds the number of emergency shelter and transitional housing spaces.

Nearly half of the homeless people (44%) are unsheltered, or living on the street.

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