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Faces of the Shadows - Life on the Street


"I received the book and I was blown away! I can't even express how much you sending this book to me means.. Please stay in touch and maybe we can do something together in the near future.. We have to continue on this journey speaking for the ones with no voice... The Book is amazing! WOW " Tanya Watts

"Faces of the Shadows is about the homeless. They are people just like you and me. They could be our parents, our children, our friends, and with one stroke of bad luck anyone of us.
I like this book alot. I like the photos and the stories that go with them. I love the possibility it could help raise awareness of a growing situation we should all care more about.

The book opens with an intense portrait of a guy named Art. The caption reads "Art is new to being homeless. He is also dying. Art did everything right. He lived worked and contributed to a community in the mid-west. He is not perfect, but who is perfect? He fell through the cracks and his story needs to be heard."
The book is not only about the reasons people end up homeless but about the lives these people go on living. It's about bird lovers, artists, veterans, people in love...people just like you and me...people with hopes and dreams.
The beautiful portraits appear to be shot with the same care and respect one would take of any person whether on the street or in a corporate boardroom.
I highly recommend this book to anyone who cares about others or to give as a gift to anyone who needs to be convinced that the homeless are people and but not for fortune could in the blink of an eye be living on the streets themselves
" Richard Lehrer


"I finally got round to reading the book tonight. It is wonderful, magnificent photography. Particularly the people I know, their expressions are caught so well, their character that I know so well is perfectly captured by your lens (and the eye behind it). You are very talented. The book deserves to do well and good luck with it and its sequel!!"  Tony Rogers